Belding Commercial Roofing: New Installation and Repair

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Living in Belding, we are no strangers to severe winters—years of snow and ice can wreak havoc on a roof. Missing shingles can make it look shabby, and old roofs can allow heat to escape or cold air to enter, resulting in skyrocketing electric bills. 

Looking to get a new roof installed on your commercial property? Or is your existing roof in need of repairs? Legacy Roofing can help you with either. Our single-ply membrane roofing will make your building not only look incredible for years to come, but also prevent damaging leaks. Save your company a significant amount in electric bills by efficiently retaining heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing is a lightweight option for commercial roofing. This synthetic recycled rubber roofing is relatively new on the market, but has grown to be extremely popular due to its affordability and energy efficiency.

  • Increased energy-savings for warmer states: Because it is light in color, TPO reflects heat. This makes it a better option for areas of warmer climates when it comes to energy efficiency.
  • Versatility: TPO can be applied to both partially sloped and flat roofs, making it a good option for buildings that have areas of both pitches.
  • Insulation required: TPO does require insulation to be installed prior to the synthetic roofing material being laid, but the overall installation is quite simple and quick, meaning you won’t need to close daily operations for long. 

EPDM Roofing

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a type of rubber roofing material. 

  • Increased energy-savings for colder states: Due to its naturally darker color, EPDM absorbs heat well, making it a great option for colder climates—its heat-saving abilities slightly trump TPO roofing.
  • Insulation required: Like TPO roofing, EPDM also requires insulation to be effective in retaining heat. 
  • Multiple methods of installation: EPDM can be screwed in with fasteners, adhered with glue, or ballasted with stones or pavers. 

Flat pitch only: EPDM is suitable for flat roofs with no pitches.

TPO vs. EPDM Commercial Roofing

While both methods of roofing are great in their own right, they do have their own strengths. 

EPDM roofs can last about ten years longer than TPO roofs, though they are potentially more prone to puncturing. TPO roofs, on the other hand, are more durable and less likely to experience leakages. When a fire retardant is added during manufacturing, both TPO and EPDM reach UL Class A fire ratings

If you want to invest in a long term solution and do not have many external factors that could weaken the integrity of the roof, EPDM is typically the way to go. Speak with our team to determine which roof is right for your business

Commercial Roofing Repairs & Replacement

Commercial Roof Repair

If you are noticing leakages and/or signs of structure-weakening water damage, missing shingles, or experiencing noticeable drafts, you are most likely in need of roof repairs. Damage to your roof can be caused by many external factors, including snow, ice, and hail, standing water, and fallen trees. Old roofs that are in generally good shape may benefit from repair rather than total replacement.

The cost of roof repair varies depending on the type of roof as well as the extent and size of the damage, but for minor repairs, anywhere from $150–$400 is normal, while larger more intensive repairs that may include gutter repair can go up to $1,000. We repair roofs made of metal, shingles, flat roofs, and tile roofs. In addition to standard roof repair, we offer emergency roofing repairs—contact us to learn more.

Commercial Roof Replacement

If the damage of your roof exceeds a certain extent, it may be in need of complete replacement. Typically, a good time to replace a roof is after 20 years, at which point it may be showing visible signs of wear. If a large area of the roof requires repair and you are having difficulty matching your existing shingles to the new material, a replacement can be better. This will ensure your roof is aesthetically appealing, keeping your property value high.

Another reason to replace your roof? Major damage from natural disasters—extreme wind from storms or tornadoes can rip off shingles and cause trees to crash down, leaving structural issues that can only be fixed with a total replacement. In an emergency situation like this, reach out to us to mitigate water damage and ensure your building and interior stays intact. 

A roof replacement can cost anywhere between $6,500–$11,900, though it is dependent on the size and pitch of your roof, as well as material and permit costs. While many insurance companies provide coverage for replacements resulting in damage from the elements, they will not cover replacements related to the age of the roof. We are happy to provide inspections to help you navigate your roof replacement.

Why Choose Legacy For Your Commercial Roof Replacement?

With over four generations of experience in the roofing industry, our family’s legacy is roofing. When it comes to commercial roof installation and repair, we understand the importance of a quality roof in keeping your building—and more importantly, the people and products inside—protected. 

When you work with us, you get passionate care, quick communication, and expert opinions to ensure you are receiving the best roof for your specific needs. We are happy to offer free estimates—our process is always transparent.

Our licensed contractors use top-of-the-line products including Owens Corning shingles and insulation and IKO asphalt shingles. We also utilize the best technology, ensuring an efficient process that makes installation as easy and quick as possible. This means you can get back to doing your job in your beautiful building in no time. 

For those interested in financing, we are happy to offer plans through Service Finance Company, LLC, Wells Fargo, and Hearth, securing you incredible plans on a quick timeline, so we can get to work as soon as possible.

Industry-Leading Commercial Roofing Certifications and Warranties

Our certifications include:

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

We are Owens Corning Preferred Contractors. This means we were specifically selected out of many roofing contractors for using the most durable materials, completing work to the highest standards, and carrying at least $1 million in general liability insurance, keeping you protected in any situation.

GAF Certified

We are proud to receive the status of GAF Certified, an honor only awarded to around 5% of roofing contractors in North America. With this certification, we are authorized to provide the GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty, giving you even more peace of mind with your new roof.

Super service status on Angi (previously known as Angie’s List)

 We are proud to have been featured on Angi for receiving the Super Service Award in 2019. The criteria necessary to meet this standard includes offering outstanding service (proven with customer reviews) as well as offering a lifetime warranty on services.

IKO Roofing Contractor status

Being an IKO Shield Pro Plus Roofing Contractor, we are able to offer incredible extended warranties. In the event the integrity of your roof is compromised, IKO pays full price for both the replacement of product and the cost of installation for up to 15 years after your new roof installation.

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I got a quote last week and now it’s Tuesday and my roof has been torn off and replaced. It’s amazing to see the quality of work and speed of installation.  I would highly recommend Legacy to anyone who needs this type of work done.

John H.
Commercial Roofing Customer

We had an amazing experience with Legacy roofing. Starting with Jeremy who was completely upfront and true to his word throughout the complete job. Then came Roger with his roofing crew, the most pleasant and efficient crew ever. Then Kevin and the siding crew another amazing group of guys very particular and detailed. Our house looks fantastic. We couldn’t be happier!

Michelle G.
Commercial Roofing Customer

They were very quick to come out and do a quote and very quick to get a quote to us. They were very up front about the cost and did not come back and charge us more once the job was underway. The installation team was punctual and professional. They were very considerate of us having young children and asked when they could arrive to start work. The finished roof looks great and appears to be holding up well to the weather!

Jordan A.
Commercial Roofing Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of your roof installation, repair, or replacement will vary depending on the square footage needing coverage, the type of shingles you decide on (we can help you make this decision based on your building), how steep the roof is, and any unique specifications about your building.

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