How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

When remodeling bathrooms, homeowners can use the project as a perfect opportunity to design a room using a style that’s entirely their own. It’s such a thrilling project, ushering out the old style elements and installing the new ones. But just how long does it take to remodel a bathroom? Let’s look together at some of the determining factors. 

Bathroom Remodel Timeline Factors

Consider the Bathroom Remodel Cost

Your bathroom remodel budget will impact how quickly the job can be completed. A higher budget means more helping hands and outsourcing opportunities. If you work with a team of professionals who can measure, craft, and install with ease, the process will be completed much sooner than if you attempt to do everything yourself. 

Measure the Bathroom’s Area

A small master bathroom is considered to be around 40 square feet or less. Average bathrooms range up to 100 square feet, while large bathrooms are categorized as any square footage above 100. Measure your bathroom’s floor area to determine the size. Remodeling a large bathroom will take more time than it will to remodel a small bathroom. Twice as much floor space means twice as many tiles to install. 

Ask Yourself What Features Need Remodeling

While some homeowners want a full bathroom remodel, others just want to switch out elements they don’t like. Outdated cabinetry, a visibly aged porcelain toilet, stained tiles, or a cracked bathtub need replacing to create a beautiful bathroom space. When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, ask yourself which areas of your bathroom need remodeling and which features can stay. 

Walls and Flooring

Professional bathroom remodelers will take six to eight hours to finish laying tiles on a bathroom floor, while doing it yourself can take up to 16 hours. Hardwood flooring will take one or two work days. The time it takes to redo walls depends largely on the method and materials. Remodeling bathrooms with small tiles takes much longer than applying paint or wallpaper, which shouldn’t take professional bathroom remodelers more than a day.  

Counters and Cabinetry

Replacing cabinets or a bathroom vanity shouldn’t take more than four or five hours with a bathroom remodeler’s help, since the plumbing is already connected. Simply installing a new countertop is a relatively easy task, taking just two or three hours with the assistance of bathroom remodel contractors. The cabinets can also be repainted if the homeowner simply wants a new color scheme. 


Toilet replacement can be done in as little as two to three hours by professional plumbers or bathroom remodelers. Handling this process yourself isn’t recommended, especially for someone without industry experience, because the installation will take much longer than outsourcing bathroom remodeling services—and the risk of doing it incorrectly is high for amateurs. 

Installing a sink takes approximately two hours for bathroom remodel contractors, but six to eight hours on average for a DIY bathroom remodel. If your shower or bathtub needs replacing, the time it takes depends on whether the shower or tub is built into the wall and floor. The process can take anywhere from three hours to three days. 


Lighting fixtures are one of the fastest renovation tasks and can be expected to take only one to two hours. If you need to install new wiring, however, it can take up to a day. Those who are opting for a DIY bathroom remodel may want to hire a professional in this case, because faulty wiring is dangerous. 


Window installation is a speedy process, taking sometimes as little as 45 minutes. The average installation time is about half an hour per window for professional bathroom remodelers. As is the case with most other projects, a DIY bathroom remodel will require more time to replace windows, though it isn’t an extremely complicated project. 

Average Time to Remodel a Bathroom

How Long Does the Average Bathroom Remodel Take?

Without including the time it takes the homeowner to plan and design what they want their renovated bathroom to look like, the average bathroom remodel project takes two to three weeks. Legacy will have all your selected materials prepared before the start of your project. Booking a consultation is a good way to get an estimate of the time your specific project will take. 

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Small Bathroom?

To remodel a small bathroom, the process usually takes about one to two weeks on average. However, this timeline is just a rough estimate. Other factors like the bathroom remodel cost and the number of features that will be replaced still need to be taken into consideration. A DIY bathroom remodel for a small bathroom will likely take closer to seven or eight weeks. 

Professional vs. DIY Bathroom Remodels

How Long Does a Professional Bathroom Remodel Take?

With bathroom remodeling services, you can expect the bathroom remodel contractors to complete the construction process in one to three weeks. This can vary depending on the size of the team, and whether or not they are able to obtain the materials needed for construction. If there’s a shortage in the area of granite countertops, for instance, you may need to wait longer. 

How Long Does a DIY Bathroom Remodel Take?

For a DIY bathroom remodel, the length of a project depends heavily upon how much time the homeowner can dedicate to remodeling the bathroom each day. It’s not uncommon for DIY bathroom remodel projects to take two or three months to complete. 

Inquire About Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

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