Metal Roof Installation Services in West Michigan

Our West Michigan Metal Roofing Services

Legacy Roofing and Restorations provides quality metal roof installation to homeowners and business owners across West Michigan. Our superior standards for metal roof durability and longevity make us one of the best Michigan metal roofing companies in the industry. 

Metal Roof Installation Process

Measure Roof Area

Before the process begins, Legacy workers need to examine the current roof area and take measurements to determine how much material will be needed and how to approach the project. Measurements of the surface area of the roof are taken, and then we cut the new roofing materials to the appropriate dimensions.

Remove Old Shingles

In order to give your roof the shiny new metal makeover it deserves, we have to strip your roof of its old shingles first. To prepare for the process, we place plywood against the house to protect it from any falling debris. We also place a tarp to make cleanup easier.

We then remove old roofing materials from the building by working our tools under the ridge caps and prying them loose, working our way across the roof as we remove each shingle. After removing old roofing material, we make structural repairs to any damage we find underneath. 

Install Protective Layer

To protect the home with insulation and to prevent moisture from entering should a leak happen, an extra layer called an underlayment is installed. The underlayment is made of a felt-like material, and the sections need to overlap in sections of at least four inches. After this is attached to the roof, we are ready to install the eave edges. 

Install Roof Eave Trim

Eave trim for metal roofing needs to be installed before the metal roof shingles. Eave trim, also called drip edge, is the metal flashing that covers your building’s side. This is used to divert rainwater away from the roof so that moisture does not build up and cause leaking. 

Place Metal Roof Shingles

Our metal roof installers start applying metal roof panels and work our way up, overlapping one panel atop of the other. A caulk or roofing sealant tape may be used to seal the roof. To fasten each panel, we use specialized metal roofing screws. To fit the shape of your roof, we may cut panels as needed. 

Install Closure Strips

Closure strips are installed over places where the roof slopes meet. Solid or vented closure strips may be needed, depending on the structure of the roof. Solid closure strips are for the valleys of a roof and anywhere that a weather-tight seal is required. Vented closure strips are used on eaves and ridge caps. 

A ridge cap is installed after closure strips are attached to allow airflow through the attic and protect the building from leaks. This is applied to the point of the roof. 

Benefits of Metal Roof Installation

There are several benefits to metal roofing, with the primary advantage being durability. A metal roof is an investment. While it is more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof, it will hold up better against extreme weather and last longer before needing replacement. Metal is incredibly sturdy and unlikely to be harmed by a hail storm. In the long run, metal roofing is actually more cost effective. 

The majority of metal roof materials are recyclable, which makes metal roofing a terrific, eco-friendly alternative. The UV reflection capabilities of a metal roof save energy, which not only helps the environment but helps you save money when it comes to heating and air conditioning. 

What Is the Cost of a Metal Roof?

The average cost of a metal roof ranges between $5,000 and upwards of $15,000. Price is typically determined per square foot, and that cost can range from as low as $5 to up to $30. Our affordable metal roofing services can be financed if upfront payment is out of the question. The cost of a metal roof is dependent on a variety of factors that influence the price, including:

  • Size: The total surface area of your roof will determine how much material needs to be used. The larger the roof, the greater the cost. 
  • Material: Different types of metal vary in price. Copper tends to be the most expensive, whereas aluminum tends to be the most affordable. 
  • Length of project: Complex projects with intricate roof designs may take longer to complete, and we want our metal roof installers to be adequately compensated for their services. 

Why Choose Legacy Roofing and Restoration?

Legacy Roofing is a trusted provider of metal roofing in Michigan. Customers who book our services know they’ll be satisfied with the end result. We create beautiful roofs that make homeowners and business owners proud of their buildings. 

As a provider of affordable metal roofing services, we offer financing options available with our preferred lenders. Together, we can work out a payment plan that works for your budget so that you can get the dazzling metal roof you dream of.  

Receive a Free Quote

Our metal roof installation services are designed to be accessible and affordable. If your interest is piqued and you’d like to know more about our metal roofing, simply fill out a form for a free quote from our metal roof installers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

Metal roof shingles are durable and last an incredibly long time, from 40 to more than 70 years. It’s one of the main reasons people opt for metal roofing. 

Is Metal Roofing Available in Different Colors?

Absolutely. Metal roofing can come in a variety of colors, including neutrals, blues, reds, and greens, just like any other roof shingles. It doesn’t have to be a “metallic” color like silver or slate gray. 

What Metal Is the Best Option for a Metal Roof?

Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc are the most common metal roofing materials. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Copper is very long-lasting, while steel is strong, zinc is corrosion-resistant, and aluminum is cost effective. 

Will Metal Roofing Rust or Cause Noise When It Rains?

Metal roofing is capable of rust just like any other metal product. The protective sealant used on metal roofing keeps it safe from moisture and greatly reduces the risk of rusting. It shouldn’t be a concern. Metal roofs are also surprisingly quiet. It’s a common misconception that you’ll hear reverberations every time it rains. 

What Is Corrugated Metal Roofing?

Corrugated metal roofing shingles consist of a sheet that is divided into panels, typically built with a design that is wavy. Corrugated refers to any roof that contains grooves or ridges. These grooves increase their density, making the roof stronger.  

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