Siding Replacement

Siding is one of the first elements we notice on a home or building. While cracked, worn out, discolored siding can age a property, bright, newly installed siding brings life and luster back. New siding not only looks better, but it also better protects your home or commercial property from the elements. Legacy Roofing offers vinyl, aluminum, polymer shakes & shingles, stone veneer, and steel siding.

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Types of Siding Replacement Services

Asbestos Siding Replacement

Is your building suffering from asbestos? It’s best to get that taken care of as soon as possible. Asbestos siding is brittle and easily cracked. When this occurs, the siding releases dangerous, cancer-causing fibers. Our team is equipped to safely remove asbestos siding and replace it with siding that is safe for you and your family.

Replacing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for its affordability, weather resistance, and variety of color options. While vinyl siding can easily last 30–40 years, it may be time for a total siding replacement if you’re experiencing cracking, rotting, or gaps.

If you’re concerned about your vinyl siding, our team will come out to determine if a total replacement is recommended. We can replace your siding with brand new vinyl, or if you’d prefer a different look, we can install one of our other high-quality options, like polymer shake and shingle.

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Replacing Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is affordable and durable, often retaining its luster for up to 10 years. Aluminum can be dented fairly easily, however; if debris from a storm makes contact with your siding, you may find significant damage and cracks upon later inspection. 

If you want to stick with your current siding but need to revamp your property, Legacy offers aluminum siding replacement. If you’re seeking a more durable material, we are happy to point you in the right direction of a tougher siding option that will last a lifetime.

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Masonite Siding Replacement

Masonite siding, also referred to as hardboard siding, is an affordable siding often found on older homes and buildings. Because it is made of wood fibers, glue, and resin, masonite siding is extremely prone to buckling, swelling, and rotting when it gets wet.

We recommend replacing masonite siding with a more weather-resistant option that will prove to be a better long-term investment, like vinyl, which is affordable and durable. Aluminum siding is another great option for its affordability and resistance to mildew, rust, and fire.

Replacing Wood Siding

If you enjoy a rustic look, you may have purchased a home with wood siding or had it installed in the past. However, wood siding is not as cost effective or durable as you may have hoped. Wood siding requires significant maintenance and sealing to prevent water damage and insect infestations. 

To best protect your home and investment, Legacy offers siding options that supply a similar style to wood without the tedious, expensive upkeep. Polymer shakes and shingles siding combines a rustic appearance with weather-resistant strength that will last for 50+ years.

When to Replace Siding

The lifetime of siding depends on the type of material on your property, as well as the age of the siding. When purchasing a home or commercial building, inquire about when the siding was last replaced, so you are prepared to repair or replace existing material as needed. 

Signs You Need Siding Replacement

There are some telltale signs that your siding is in need of replacement, including:

  • Cracking and warping: You would think that cracked or warped siding would be obvious, but some smaller cracks may be less noticeable. If the siding is easily pushed in when you touch it, give us a call. Small cracks can allow rot to form, which can be detrimental to your building’s foundation.
  • Higher energy bill: If you’ve noticed an usually high energy bill, there’s a definite chance your siding isn’t doing its job. New, professionally installed siding acts as a protective barrier between your building and the outside world. Gaps or cracks can allow heat or air to escape, leading to abnormally high bills.
  • Moisture and mildew: If a section of your home or building is unusually damp or visibly growing mildew, it is time to get your siding replaced. This sort of damage is pesky and can become dangerous to building inhabitants if not swiftly handled.

Should I Paint or Replace Vinyl Siding?

If your siding is not causing issues that undermine the integrity of your home or building, but rather is looking dull and discolored, a simple paint job can help to bring your siding back to life. We are happy to help you determine if your siding requires repair or replacement.

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Cost to Replace Siding

The cost of new siding is dependent on the type of siding you choose, but in 2022, the average price of siding is around $7.50 per square foot. However, it can range from $3–$12 per square foot. You will need a quote to know for sure how much your siding will be. We offer free estimates so you understand what your new siding will cost.

How to Get Siding Replaced by Insurance

While each insurance policy is different, some common scenarios in which insurance might cover siding replacement include:

  • Damage from extreme weather events
  • Vandalism
  • Fire and smoke-related incidents
  • Damage from auto accidents

We recommend speaking with your insurance company to be certain whether or not your policy covers your specific situation. Generally, normal wear and tear is not covered.

Make Your Home or Business Look New Again with Legacy

Replacing Siding on a House

Did you recently purchase an older home that requires work? Legacy offers siding replacement for residential homes. New siding protects your home and family and also increases your property’s value. On average, new siding will increase home value by 78% of the individual project's price.

Replacing Siding on a Business

Brand-new siding can turn a drab, dull building into a shining, professional property your customers are drawn toward. Legacy does replace siding on commercial properties and businesses, enhancing your visual appeal, increasing your property value, and ensuring you aren’t overpaying on energy bills.

Why Choose Legacy Roofing & Restorations?

Legacy has been providing residential and commercial properties with impeccable services for generations. We take pride in creating a space that you’re proud to live or work in. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Every job we’re a part of, we complete as if it is our own home. 

No matter what your budget is, you deserve to have a stunning space. That is why we offer the option to finance your siding project. We work with a number of dedicated partners to get you competitive interest rates and terms that fit your lifestyle.

High-Quality Replacement Siding

We know you have a high standard for your siding, which is why we use the best materials around, including:

  • CertainTeed: An industry leader in quality siding, CertainTeed shingles come in vinyl, polymer cedar, and stone veneer. Design the dwelling of your dreams with these attractive options. 
  • Ply Gem Mastic: Ply gem is an eco-friendly siding that comes in many different styles (lap, vertical, and shake) and materials (vinyl, aluminum, and steel). Ply gem comes with a V.I.P. limited lifetime warranty. 
  • Variform by Ply Gem: If you’re looking for an extensive array of color options and durability, check out variform siding. With a limited lifetime transferable warranty, you don’t have to worry about future weather events compromising your stunning siding. 

Certifications & Warranties

Legacy’s CertainTeed siding comes with a lifetime fade protection warranty, giving you additional peace of mind in your project. Ply Gem products also come with limited lifetime warranties.

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