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Windows are an essential part of any commercial building or home. Whether you’re on the market for a simple upgrade or you want to replace the windows altogether, Legacy Roofing can assist you. Our team of experts strives to give each and every customer a personalized experience when shopping for windows to suit their needs and style.

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Residential Windows

With residential windows, it’s essential to know your options and to select windows that will fit your space perfectly. There are various factors to take into consideration, such as size, style, and type. We offer the following products:

Single-hung Windows

This type of window looks traditional, but it offers better security, they’re low maintenance, and they are efficient. You can also tilt in the operating sash to make cleaning a breeze.

Casement Windows

A casement window gives convenience and style in one. You can close and open them easily with the use of one handle, and you can pair them with other windows or on their own. Casement windows are definitely a compliment to any room of the home.

Picture Windows

These windows offer the best view of the outdoors, but it usually doesn’t open. You won’t get ventilation with picture windows, but you’ll get better energy efficiency with the airtight seals.

Bay Windows

If you want to add character and dimension to your home, bay windows are the way to go. They bring in plenty of natural light, and they can create a cozier space depending on where you add them to the house.

Double-hung Windows

If you want a blend of contemporary and traditional, the double-hung window is the best choice. You can open them similarly to a single-hung window from the bottom. Or, you can opt to slide the sash down to get better ventilation.

Slider Windows

With benefits like practicality and easy ventilation, windows that slide open horizontally are trendy and becoming increasingly popular. You can clean them from inside the home, which is a huge benefit, especially in cold weather.

Shaped Windows

Add your own unique flair to a space in your home by choosing a custom window shape that will enhance the interior design detailing.

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Commercial Windows

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, adding new windows to a commercial building will improve its efficiency. That means lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year. The temperature control also provides a more comfortable setting for clients that frequent your company.

Additionally, if you have outdated windows, they won’t meet the standards of newer technologies available to you. You can increase the value of your commercial building by installing new and durable windows, making the windows themselves an asset.

When you’re trying to get work done, outside noise can be a huge distraction. High-quality commercial windows can offer some level of soundproofing, which makes your business atmosphere more enjoyable for clients and employees alike.

Why Choose Legacy Roofing & Restorations?

We are a family-owned business that has invested over four generations into this industry. We take great pride in providing the absolute best service for such vital parts of a person's home. 

Our customer service hinges on professionalism and friendliness toward every customer we have the pleasure of working with. At Legacy Roofing & Restoration, we know our stuff, and we'll use our expertise to meet your needs and ensure you get the desired outcome.

High-Quality Products

Legacy Roofing & Restoration company uses top-notch products from Pella, Anderson, and Sunrise:


Pella offers top-of-the-line replacement window selections made from fiberglass, wood, and vinyl. They all come with remarkable detail, and you can find windows that suit your style and budget. Searching for Pella windows near me? Look no further than Legacy Roofing & Restoration for all your replacement needs.


Anderson is the epitome of class and durability. Their windows are sturdy, elegant, custom-made, designed to order, and installed by professionals. Andersen windows are made from wood with vinyl features.


Sunrise windows are all about quality and customizing each order to be unique for a home or business. We are pleased to offer you a chic and durable list of Sunrise products that will transform any area of your home.

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We had an amazing experience with Legacy roofing, starting with Jeremy, who was completely upfront and true to his word throughout the complete job. Then came Roger with his roofing crew, the most pleasant and efficient crew ever. Then Kevin and the siding crew, another amazing group of guys—very particular and detailed. Our house looks fantastic. We couldn’t be happier!

Michelle G.
Roofing Customer

Legacy replaced my roof, and I'd recommend them to others. I got three quotes, and Legacy gave me a similar price to the other local companies. The roof looks great, everything was cleaned up well, and the rep was honest and responsive.

Joshua W.
Roofing Customer

Great customer service, very helpful with and responsive to many questions. Crew on site was friendly and cleaned up EVERYTHING. I was truly impressed with how clean the property was after the crew left.

Kasey N.
Roofing Customer

Legacy did a great job installing our new roof. Jeremy was quite patient with us as we tried deciding which shingle color was best for the house. They were in and out in one day and it looks great!

Beth F.
Roofing Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

The general consensus is that a quality window should be durable enough to last for at least 15 to 20 years. You can usually find companies that offer warranties lasting for 20–25 years, basically the life of the product.