Insulation Replacement

Having the proper insulation in your house is essential for cooling and heating your home during Michigan’s humid summers and frigid winters. Legacy Roofing & Restoration provides insulation replacement in Michigan with both Owens Corning fiberglass insulation and Nu-wool cellulose insulation.

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Types of Insulation Replacement Services

Replacing Attic Insulation

Heat travels upward, and most of it escapes through the attic of homes. Without proper insulation in your attic, you might be losing an excessive amount of heat in the fall and winter, leading to higher electricity bills. Legacy offers insulation replacement for those in Michigan to retain heat or air for year-round comfort and savings.

Roof Insulation Replacement

Without proper roof insulation, condensation can form where cool and warm air meet. Legacy can help you achieve adequate insulation in your roof to keep heat in, preventing condensation from forming and reducing degradation.

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Floor Insulation Replacement

For multi-level homes, floor insulation is a must. Having the proper insulation in your floors reduces noise from the level above. Floor insulation is essential for those with basement bedrooms. Legacy can install the appropriate insulation in your floors to minimize noise at every level of your home.

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Replacing Insulation in a Crawl Space

The crawl space is one area of the home where heat and air can quickly escape out of. With the right crawl space insulation, you can minimize drafts in your home and save energy.

Basement Insulation Replacement

The proper insulation will keep your basement warm even in the coldest Michigan weather. Without it, you could be wasting money with heat escaping right through the walls. Legacy can help you choose the right insulation for your home to ensure that your bills stay low and your basement is comfortable all year round.

Replacing Insulation in Walls

Insulation not only keeps heat and AC in, but it also absorbs noise from neighboring rooms. Legacy can replace the insulation in your walls to reduce noise in your home.

Insulated Window Glass Replacement

Properly insulated home windows can keep heat in during the winter and cold air in during the summer. It can also help minimize outdoor noise, which is important when living on or near busy streets. Legacy offers insulation and window services that meet your needs.

How Often Should Insulation Be Replaced?

Insulation is long-lasting but does wear out eventually. The time that your insulation lasts will depend on the type of insulation and where, when, and how it was installed. The average lifespan is about 20 to 30 years; however, insulation can begin to lose quality closer to 15 years. 

Signs You Need Insulation Removal and Replacement

There are some common signs that indicate that your insulation needs to be replaced:

  • Drafts in the home: An uneven temperature in the home can indicate that heat or cold air is escaping through the insulation too quickly. 
  • Difficulty maintaining temperature: Having your air condition or heat constantly running is another sign that the insulation is not working properly and is due for replacement.
  • High energy bills: If your bills are unusually high, your heat or air conditioning may be running for too long due to degraded insulation. 
  • Sudden allergies: If someone in the home is suddenly experiencing bad allergies or an unexplained illness, there might be allergens, mold, or bacteria trapped in old insulation. 
  • Rodent problems: If you notice signs of rodents, such as rats, mice, or squirrels, it might be time for new insulation, as they can wreak havoc on your walls. 
  • Insulation appearing wet or damaged: If you’ve had any leaks or other water damage in your home, the insulation may be compromised. 


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Do You Need to Replace Insulation After Mice?

Mice are a common nuisance to homes and can do a lot of damage before being noticed. If you see signs of mice, you’ll want to have your insulation inspected. Mice can chew through insulation, leave droppings, and cause other damage to your walls. Legacy can inspect your insulation and recommend any necessary replacements.

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Insulation Replacement Cost

The cost of your insulation replacement will depend on the size of the house and the type of insulation you choose. The average price of insulation ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. However, a quote can give you a more accurate estimate for how much your home insulation replacement will cost. Legacy offers free quotes so you can know for sure.

Insulate Your Home or Business with Legacy

Commercial Insulation Contractors

Legacy works with commercial businesses to replace insulation for increased energy savings and reduced noise. Whether it’s for a school building, church, or multi-level property, we can install the insulation you need for noise reduction and energy saving. 

Residential Insulation Contractors

If you’re building a new home, looking to renovate, or discovering signs that you need insulation replacement, Legacy can help. We offer residential insulation options to bring your energy bill down, retain heat and air more efficiently, and reduce noise in your home.

Why Choose Legacy Roofing and Restoration?

At Legacy Roofing & Restoration, we take the time and attention needed to deliver services that exceed expectations. Legacy is GAF certified and a preferred contractor of Owens Corning and IKO Shield Pro Plus. If you need insulation in your Michigan home or business, we have you covered. We’re also proud to offer financing assistance to ensure that your next home project is as affordable as possible.  

High-Quality Insulation Products

At Legacy, we only offer the highest quality insulation to choose from, including Owens Corning fiberglass insulation and Nu-wool cellulose insulation. Owens Corning fiberglass insulation is highly-recycled and ultra-soft, allowing us to install it quickly for an affordable solution. Nu-wool cellulose insulation is made of 86% recycled newspaper, making it a sustainable option that is also treated for fire resistance.

Find Insulation Replacement Contractors Near You

Legacy serves residential and commercial buildings in many towns and cities throughout Michigan. Check out our service areas to find out if Legacy is the contractor for you.

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