Roof Repair 101: Everything You Need to Know

Homeowners frequently do a web search for “roof repair near me” because most homes need roof repair at some point. If you notice obvious signs of water damage outside or water is dripping inside from your ceiling, it’s time to investigate roof leak repair. 

Here’s your Roof Repair 101—everything you need to know for roof repairs and roof repair costs.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

It’s hard to diagnose how to fix a roof or how much to repair a roof until a roof repair service company diagnoses the problem. First, let’s examine how storm damage causes roof repair issues that affect homeowners:

Ice or Snow

Whether it’s a heavy snowpack, dangerous icicles, or an “ice dam” causing storm damage, some level of roof repair is generally necessary when ice or snow buildup damages the top of your home. 

Storm Damage

Wet walls or water spots on the ceiling indicate roof storm damage from the inside. Outside, it’s easy to spot missing shingles. It’s best to investigate roof shingles that need repair as soon as possible because emergency roof repair costs significantly more.


Roof and siding repair problems often occur from hail damage. Hail falls from the sky in many sizes, from a nickel or quarter shape, to walnut-size and larger. Golf ball-sized hail causes dents in the siding. Baseball-sized hail is often severe enough to blow a hole straight into your home. 


Roof repair cost estimators factor in the age of your roof, and the lifespan of a roof depends on the construction materials used to build it. Shingle roofing lasts an average of 20-25 years, metal roofing up to 50 years, and slate as long as 100 years, so average roof repair costs vary.

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

“How much does it cost to repair a roof?” or “how to repair a hole in the roof?” are questions that require a professional diagnosis of your roof damage for an answer. The low end of roof leak repair costs falls between $150 to $400 for minor roof repairs, meaning minimal damage to eaves or gutters or a shed roof repair. 

The midpoint for roof repairs is between $400 up to $1,000 if more extensive roof and gutter repairs are required.  But if you search online for “handyman roof repair near me” and you research a qualified handyman who provides references, you’ll find roof repair solutions at a more affordable cost.

Emergency Roof Repair

Most people figure that an extensively damaged roof is evident to the naked eye. When shingles look buckled, or you get water streaming through a baseball-sized hole in your siding, it’s obvious that an emergency roof repair is necessary. But other, less visible situations require it too. 

When Do You Need It?

A leaky roof is a telltale sign that either roof repair or roof replacement is necessary, but it’s not the only reason to look for a business that repairs storm-damaged roofing. Deterioration from storm damage starts around chimneys, vents, pipes, and skylights, and this deterioration may or may not be visible to the naked eye.   

A roof gets saturated with moisture before it starts to leak, causes roofing materials and wood in your home’s construction to begin rotting. Another sign of moistness is abundant algae or mosses growing on your home’s roof. It’s essential to contact an expert in residential roof repair if you see this. 

For significant external damage to the roof and leaks appearing inside your home, don’t trust anyone but a licensed and insured roof repair company to fix it. Significant roof repairs cost up to $3,000, and if a new roof is required, the price to install starts at $7,500 for a medium-sized shingled roof.

Types of Roof Repair

When you’re concerned about how to repair roof leaks based on your roof’s material, and you’re searching for “roof leak repair near me,” here are guidelines:


Typical metal roof repair issues include improperly driven screws, leaks around the flashes, degrading roof sealants, and capillary draw (seams overlap and cause leaking). Search for “metal roof repair near me” to find a pro in this area.


Determining how to repair roof shingles ranges from relatively easy fixes to a complete roof repair job. Signs to look for include blistering or curling shingles or granular fall-off (when the top layer of granules degrades, you’ll see the crushed stones on the ground.)


Installed solar panels sometimes restrict water from draining naturally off a roof, and the water gets forced upwards, creating a buildup and frequently a leak. If you’re wondering how to repair a roof with solar panels, please know it’s not a DIY issue. Search for a qualified solar panel service company for your roof repair estimate.

Flat Roofs

It’s best to contact a roof repair company to see how to repair a leaking flat roof. Pooling water and degrading membranes on asphalt usually make flat roof repair necessary, so search for “how to repair a flat roof.” Don’t delay a flat roof repair because these conditions ultimately make your roof too unsafe. 


While tile roofing looks attractive, tile roof repair is common because tiles are heavy and need regular maintenance to maintain the appearance and prevent leaks.

Different Types of Roofs Contractors Will Repair

When you’re Googling “roof leak repair near me” or “roofing repair companies near me,” know the questions to ask of a roof repair company.

Mobile Home Roofs 

There are DIY tutorials online on mobile home roof repair, but for safety’s sake, seek professional help. Inquire about a roof repair estimate for a “roof-over” on your mobile home because it often saves money.

Shed Roofs

Sheds commonly get damaged in storms, but a qualified handyman does roof repair for considerably less than a larger roof repair company.

Flat Roofs

By design, flat roofs cause problems like “alligatoring,” a situation requiring major flat roof leak repair. You may have a flat rubber roof with issues, but it’s possible to apply a patch to fix a leak in a rubber roof. When you’re searching online, look for “how to repair a rubber roof” to get the best results and ask an expert about roof leak repair sealant.

Residential Roofs

When you’re searching for “residential roof repair near me,”  your biggest concerns are the costs to repair a roof and who is the right residential roof repair company for the job. Get referrals, and ask the referrals if they’re happy with their roof repair and if they’d work with the roof repair company again.

Commercial Roofs

For peace of mind, commercial businesses needing roof leak repair must ask a roofing professional for license and insurance information and warranty details to go along with a roof repair estimate.  

Replacement Roofs vs. Repairs

The costs of a roof repair versus roof replacement vary quite a bit.

When Do You Need Replacement and Not Just Repair?

It’s one of the most challenging roof repair questions to answer without getting a professional roof repair estimate to repair or replace a roof. A sagging roof is at the end of its life. Knowing the approximate age of your roof is recommended. 

What To Do in Emergency Situations

If your roof repair is an actual emergency, leave your house immediately! A slowly collapsing roof is a dangerous situation. You shouldn’t be inside if emergency roof repair is necessary.

Insurance and Roof Repair

Roofing insurance claims for storm damage are definitely on the rise. Here’s what to know:

Will Your Insurance Cover It?

This question is very tricky, especially when it comes to roof repair. If the roof damage is due to neglect or wear-and-tear, your homeowner’s policy generally won’t cover it. Shingle roofing that is 20 years old or more has limited, if any, coverage under your insurance.

Storm Damage

It can be a pain to read through the fine print. Still, it’s best to check your homeowner’s insurance policies for specifics on coverage due to roof damage from a sudden, accidental event or “an act of nature.” An act of nature includes downed trees or branches or roof shingles needing repair after a significant freezing rain event or a snowstorm. 


If you’re seeking roof repair, be sure to contact a professional that is well versed in your specific roofing type. They will easily be able to spot the damage and properly fix it, so it withstands years of exposure to the elements.

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